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Hello, World.

I'm J. Canepa, a web developer based in Portland, Oregon.

About J Canepa

I'm a web developer who designs from database to interface.

  • Backend Development - PHP and MySQL, Relational Database
  • Frontend Development - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & jQuery
  • Responsive Design - I use frameworks like Bootstrap & Foundation to create websites optimized for every device.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Successful SEO campaign improved search ranking for select keywords. Case Study

As a developer, I use logic to inform clean, efficient code. I create dynamic web content with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS.

Take a look at my portfolio below and feel free to reach out. I like to collaborate.

PHP & MySQL + HTML5 & CSS + JavaScript & jQuery + SEO

My Work

Recent works & projects currently in development.

Responsive image

PHP, MySQL & Database Membership System

JJITSU.com Grappling League is a PHP and MySQL, Database-driven website.

Relational Database PHP mySQL Foundation HTML5

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SEO & Social Media Campaign

Reached goal of ranking GrassFlipFlops.com #1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo! for select keywords.

SEO Social Media Google Analytics Google Web Master Tools HTML5

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Joomla CMS eCommerce Site

eCommerce website built with Joomla Content Management System & HikaShop. Original logos on sale, created with Adobe Illutrator & Adobe Photoshop.

eCommerce Joomla Content Management System

Featured Work

Fantasy Grappling League

Fantasy Grappling League.

FGL is a database-driven web application built using PHP, MySQL, and Foundation responsive framework. Users become members and get dynamic content, all via a relational database.

California Love in After Effects

Typography and digital illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator, photography manipulated in Adobe Photoshop. Masks and keyframe animation added in Adobe After Effects to create this motion graphic.

Multi-faceted, proactive learner.